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Welcome to our Garden Explorer. At Idaho Botanical Garden, we grow our community by connecting people, plants, and nature. One way we do this is by documenting the plants found throughout our 33-acres and sharing that information with the public. By introducing you to the plants found in our garden spaces, we hope you will be inspired to visit them in person and connect with some of your favorites. Our Garden is a demonstration of plants that we find suitable for Intermountain West landscapes. Our horticulture practices are informed by our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. For this reason, we are particularly focused on expanding our collections of native and waterwise plants, as well as plants that provide habitat to wildlife. Our Nationally Accredited Plant Collection of western penstemons naturally aligns with this commitment.
Our plant collections database is a work in progress and is continually being updated and expanded. Check back often for regular updates. The following instructions will help you navigate the site:
  • Use the SEARCH tab to look up plants by name or location
  • Use the MAP tab to zoom in on gardens, beds, and individual plants
  • Use the NAMES tab to find lists of plants alphabetized by genus
  • Use the FEATURES tab to locate non-botanical objects like benches, sculptures, buildings, and tour stops

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Idaho Botanical Garden is a 501(c)(3) organization and your gifts are tax deductible. We receive no general city, state, or federal funding. You can support the work we do by purchasing a membership, attending a Garden event, or making a donation. Thank you for your support!