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Welcome to Garden Explorer. You can use this tool to adventure through Idaho Botanical Garden's nationally acclaimed plant collections and gardens. Garden explorer is useful for any gardener searching for plants that thrive in Southwest Idaho, landscapers looking for new ideas, botanical researchers, or someone who just likes a good scavenger hunt. It's accessible from most smartphones, computers, and tablets.
Your journey can take you from the cool, old forest of the Meditation Garden to the buzzing prairie zone of the Lewis & Clark Native Plant Garden---all with the click or tap on your screen.
Here's how:
  • Use Search to look up our plants by their common or formal Latin names, plant family, or which garden they're in.
  • Use the Map to zoom in on gardens, beds, and individual plants. The red circle is you! Orange circles are beds. Yellow circles are individual plants.

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Idaho Botanical Garden's mission is to connect people, plants, and nature. We have 15 acres of diverse gardens that are meant to inspire our community into loving plants. The sagebrush steppe of the Intermountain West is an extraordinary place to live, and our gardens are full of some of the best plants growing near you. Not only do these plants provide us with the air we breathe, a sense of place, beauty and solace, our food, and food for wildlife, but the plants in our collections really THRIVE here. They help us conserve resources by using less water, nutrients, and amendments. Our gardens are home to a fantastic diversity of pollinators, birds, lizards, frogs, and other wildlife who rely on these plants, and we are thrilled to share them with you.